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21 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die

Carbide drawing die is made from chemical compounds comprising of tungsten carbide. It is manufactured by using raw material and is used by major manufacturers for drawing bars, rods or pipes. We provide a wide range of cemented carbide dies for your choice. The 21 type carbide rod drawing die is a drawing die with a hole of a certain diameter. For specifications, please refer to the parameter.

Process of 21 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die
The manufacturing of this carbide drawing die goes through the following process: Select Material → Rough Lathing → Heat Treatment → Pressure Tungsten Steel → Linear Cutting → Punch a Hole → Finish Turning (FT) → Polishing

This type of cemented carbide die for bar and rod can be applied to the drawing of non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, special-shaped rods and bars, tubes and pipes. 21 type carbide drawing die is also used for reducing the wall thickness of pipes.

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Cemented Carbide

Zhuzhou Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of carbide drawing dies in China. We also produce other carbide products including tungsten carbide buttons, carbide coal mining drill bits, carbide bits, tungsten carbide rods, cemented carbide dies, etc. Our products are well known for their long durability, advanced design, excellent wear resistance and good custom service. Our carbide drawing dies are well received by many manufacturers worldwide.

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