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Tungsten Carbide Die


Tongyi tungsten carbide drawing dies are made from high quality tungsten carbide and are featured with long durability and excellent wear resistance. This tungsten carbide die is generally made up of entrance area, lubrication area, working area, sizing area, exit area and exit cone angle. It is widely applied in highly abrasive and intense heat areas where PCD dies (Polycrystalline Diamond Dies) are not a cost effective choice. Using our carbide drawing dies, clients can improve productivity and reduce tool cost. We offer a wide range of tungsten carbide dies, including wire drawing die, rod drawing die, rectangle drawing die, peeling die, universal mould, etc. Tongyi is also able to provide custom carbide drawing dies according to customers’ specific requirements.


1. It is well appreciated by major producers for manufacturing round and other shaped wires, silk, rods, bars, pipes and tubes. Tungsten carbide die can also be used to remove the impurities on the outer layer of wires or bars.
2. Carbide drawing dies can be utilized to draw ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Drawn materials include steel, copper, tungsten alloy and molybdenum alloy.
3. The following table shows the applications of recommended grades. For specific applications of different tungsten carbide dies, please refer to each of them.
Recommended Grade Applications
YG3,YG3X They are used for the finish machining of cast iron and non-ferrous metal.
YG6X (K10), YG6A These carbide drawing dies are applied to finish machining and semi finishing of cast iron and non-ferrous metal, and also used for processing manganese steel and quenched steel.
YG6, YG8 , YG8 (K20) These tungsten carbide dies are utilized for semi finishing and rough finishing of cast iron and light alloy and also used for milling cast iron and low alloy steel.
YG15 This tungsten carbide drawing die is applicable for drawing steel bars and steel pipes under high compression ratio.

Classification of Tungsten Carbide Die

According to the differences in configurations and applications, there are five types of carbide drawing dies.
1. Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Die
It is made from superior quality tungsten carbide. It is resistant to high heat and shock. This type of tungsten carbide die is very cost effective compared with similar products. We mainly offer two types of carbide wire drawing dies: S11 and S12.
2. Tungsten Carbide Rod Drawing Die
This kind of carbide drawing die is also known as carbide rod drawing die. It will maximize the number of bars or tubes that can be drawn before the drawing die has to be replaced. Thus clients do not have to purchase many dies and reduce downtime for workers and machines that need new drawing dies. This tungsten carbide die includes S13 type, 21 type, 22 type, 30 type and 31 type.
3. Tungsten Carbide Rectangle Drawing Die
It is applicable for stretching ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire. Materials drawn by it include steel alloys, copper alloys and aluminum alloys. This type of carbide drawing die is frequently used to drawn bars, pipes or tubes with rectangular shapes. With its excellent wear resistance and wire surface finish, this tungsten carbide die becomes the most cost effective choice compared to similar products. We provide a wide range of carbide drawing dies in different configurations for customers.
4. Tungsten Carbide Peeling Die
It is mainly used to remove the impurities on the wire surface and to peel the oxidation layer of copper bars and pipes. This kind of tungsten carbide die is also used to remove the impurities on the outer layer of copper products. The materials to be peeled by this carbide drawing die include steel alloy, aluminum alloy and copper alloy. The surface of copper tubes and pipes is smoother after processing.
5. Tungsten Carbide Universal Mould
This tungsten carbide die can handle extreme pressure and can provide higher quality finished products in accordance with dimensional satisfaction and surface finish requirements. We manufacture to blueprint specifications and also industry standards.

Advantage of Tongyi Tungsten Carbide Drawing Die

1. It is made with robust structure and excellent durability and is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
2. All of our tungsten carbide dies are made using high grade raw material and adopting the latest technology under the strict supervision of skilled engineers.
3. With our rich industry experience, we manufacture and supply a full range of carbide drawing dies and carbide tools. We also provide custom service to meet the individual customer’s needs.
4. Our company promises fast delivery. Samples and quotes are available if necessary.
5. We have passed the quality management system certification. All of tungsten carbide dies are produced under strict surpervision.

Parameters of Tungsten Carbide Drawing Die

D H Size Range of "d”
28 20 3.7-9.6 20
30 21 3.7-9.6 20
38 24 9.6-15.5 20
40 25 10.5-15.5 20
50 28 16.5-24.5 20
60 35 25.5-34.5 22
75 35 35.5-43.5 22
90 35 45-57 22
110 40 59-69 22
140 50 71-84 22


1. Select the suitable tungsten carbide die for the material to be machined. Mischosing can cause cracking of carbide dies.
2. Carbide drawing Dies should be tightened properly at the stretched direction to prevent uneven wear.
3. Lubricant is important for prolonging the service life.
4. Tungsten carbide dies should be handled with care.
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