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Tungsten Carbide Roller

Tungsten Carbide Roller


Tungsten carbide roller or cemented carbide roller is a kind of roller of high resistance to heat and hot tearing. Tungsten carbide is a highly efficient wear resistant coating, offering exceptionally high hardness levels in excess of 1600 HV. Tungsten carbide is highly resistant to extreme temperatures below 650ºC (1200ºF) and corrosion. Tungsten carbide roll rings are widely used for metal machining by manufacturers. Tongyi Industry provides a variety of carbide products for different purposes. Tungsten carbide roller is one of our typical products. We also provide custom rollers to meet clients’ specific requirements.


Tungsten carbide roll rings are widely used in metal forming, especially in hot rolling industry mainly for intermediate and last finishing stands to ensure superior surface finish and dimensional stability of processed metal products. Tungsten carbide rollers are also commonly used for wire flattening, de-scaling and straightening applications.


1. Tognyi is a professional tungsten carbide roll ring manufacturer in China with over 10 years’ experience and many senior engineers who specialize in tungsten carbide fields for many years.
2. For your non-standard tungsten carbide roller or cemented carbide roller, we have the very ability to make molds by ourselves, and produce them as per your requirements.
3. Our company has acquired the certificate of quality management system. We have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality.
4. Our tungsten carbide roll rings last much longer than the conventional and hardened steel rolls. Clients can maximize their production before having to change new rolls.
5. Samples and quotations of tungsten carbide rollers will be offered upon receipt of your further requirements. We promise fast delivery.


1. Our tungsten carbide roll rings can greatly improve the quality of steel products, enhance the surface finish and improves the tolerance dimension.
2. Tungsten carbide roller or cemented carbide roller can reduce the changeovers and downtime, maximizing the output of rolling mills.
3. Tungsten carbide roll rings can reduce the rejection rate and alleviate the labor intensity.
4. Our tungsten carbide rollers are especially suitable for endless milling.

Care and Maintenance

1. It should be handled with care. Collision and impact must be avoided.
2. Ring water cooling pipes should be installed to cool rolled rings. Rolling without water cooling can lead to disruption of tungsten carbide roll rings.
3. Be careful about the unusual phenomenon when rolling and measure temperature regularly.
4. The amount of steel that each tungsten carbide roller produce should not exceed what is permitted. Overusing them may lead to rupture of rolls.
5. Operation regulation must be followed precisely.
Founded in 2002, Zhuzhou Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the most prominent manufacturers of carbide products in China. We have our own factory and production line and we are able to provide a great variety of carbide products, such as tungsten carbide roll ring, tungsten carbide drill bit, tungsten carbide mining tool, carbide die, carbide rod, carbide blank, carbide anvil, etc. We also make specially shaped products and custom services according to our clients’ requirements. Over the years, our tungsten carbide rollers have been exported to many countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc.
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