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ANSI Carbide Brazed Tips

ANSI Carbide Brazed Tips


Both ISO and ANSI standard carbide brazed tips are available in stock. We provide a full range of tungsten carbide welding blades of different grades. They are optional for finish and semi-finish cutting of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and light alloys and also for milling of manganese steel, quenched steel and low alloy steel. The recommended grades are YG6 (K10-K20), YT14 (P15-P20), YT5 (P30-P40) and FM02 (M20-M30).


ANSI standard carbide brazed tips are suitable for rough machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metal and nonmetal materials. They are also used in the drawing of steel, non-ferrous metal and pipes. Tungsten carbide welding blades can also be used in various drills for geology use and tools for machine manufacturing and wearing parts.

Advantages of ANSI Standard Carbide Brazed Tips

1. Our tungsten carbide welding blades are known for their high hardness, perfect toughness, good wear resistance and weld ability. They can maintain perfect cutting capability under high temperature.
2. They are manufactured in our own factory. We promise strict quality control.
3. All types of ANSI Standard carbide brazed tips are available. For those we do not have in stock, we are able to produce in a real short term.
4. Tongyi can manufacturer tungsten carbide welding blades based on ANSI and ISO standards or according to clients’ requirements. We also provide OEM production service.
5. Samples of our tungsten carbide products are available if necessary.
The following table shows the recommended grades of carbide brazed tips and their applications.
Recommended Grades Applications
YG6 (K10-K20) This carbide brazed tip is used for semi-finishing and rough finishing of cast iron and light alloys. It is also used for the milling of cast iron and low alloy steels.
YT14 (P15-P20) It is suited for the finish machining and semi-finishing of steel and cast steel.
YS25 This tungsten carbide welding blade is used for the milling of steel and cast steel.

Parameters of ANSI Standard Carbide Brazed Tips

Founded in 2002, Zhuzhou Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. is a reputed professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide welding blades in China. We make a broad range of carbide products, including tungsten carbide bits, carbide drawing dies, tungsten carbide rods, etc. We offer customized service to meet customers’ specific requirements and provide technical support for our products. If you are interested in our ANSI standard carbide brazed tips, please contact us for more information.
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