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Tungsten Carbide Rectangle Drawing Die

Tungsten Carbide Rectangle Drawing Die


Tungsten carbide rectangle drawing die is a carbide die with a rectangular hole. It is used to draw non-ferrous metal rectangular pellets. We provide a range of drawing dies in different configurations for your choice. With our own factory, our company is also able to produce custom carbide drawing dies within a short time.


Tungsten carbide rectangle drawing die is often utilized for drawing materials including steel alloys, copper alloys and aluminum alloys. It is also used to drawn bars, pipes or tubes in rectangular sizes.


1. This carbide drawing die is marked by its resistance to wear and erosion, good polishing, low friction coefficient and saving energy. These features make it more adaptable to different lubricators.
2. The lubricant zone, working zone and bearing zone of tungsten carbide rectangle drawing dies have been improved profoundly with our innovated technology.
3. The high compressive strength of this carbide drawing die enables it to handle extreme pressure.
4. It is available in various sizes and configurations to meet individual customers’ requirements. We provide higher quality carbide rectangle drawing dies in accordance with dimensional and surface finish requirements.
5. We use special lapping for products which guarantees our carbide drawing dies a longer working life.
6. They are produced in both standard (round, square, hexagonal and rectangle) and custom configurations to meet your specific needs.

Parameters of Tungsten Carbide Rectangle Drawing Die

D H Size h
a × b
30 21 6.7 × 4.7 2
35 25 7.7 - 9.7 × 5.7 - 7.7 3
45 25 11.7 × 7.7 - 9.7 3.5
50 28 13.7 - 17.6 × 6.7 - 15.7 4
60 30 19.2 - 23.6 × 7.7 - 14.7 5
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