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S13 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die

S13 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die


Carbide die can be in any customized shape, such as round, hexagon or square. The process of using carbide bar drawing dies is similar to that of the wire drawing dies. Bars and rods are drawn in a similar way to wire only they are much thicker. A wide range of metals are used for drawing bars, including steel and copper alloys. Tongyi Industry produces high quality and close tolerance carbide bar drawing dies that will ensure a long service life. It will maximize the number of rods or bars that can be drawn before the carbide die has to be replaced. In this way, our clients do not have to purchase as many dies and reduce downtime for workers and machines that need new drawing dies.


S13 type carbide bar drawing die is frequently used to produce bars or rods. This type of carbide die is suitable for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Materials drawn by S13 include steel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and other alloys.


1. S13 carbide bar drawing die is made with robust structure and is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. It also has favorable durability.
2. With our rich industry experience, we manufacture and supply an extensive range of carbide dies and carbide tools. All our products are made adopting high grade raw material and latest technology under the strict supervision of skilled engineers.
3. We offer a full range of carbide bar drawing dies for different applications, and also provide custom service to meet the individual customer’s needs.
4. Our company promises fast delivery. Samples and quotes are available if necessary.
5. We have obtained the certificate of quality management system. All of our carbide dies are produced under strict supervision.

Parameters of S13 Carbide Bar Drawing Die

As an important supplier of carbide dies in China, we offer a variety of carbide products, including carbide bar drawing dies, tungsten carbide buttons, carbide bits, carbide tips, carbide rods, etc. We make carbide products in both standard and custom configurations. Our products are exported to many countries, such as Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, the United States, Canada and Russia. For more information about our products, please contact us freely.
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