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22 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die

22 Type Carbide Rod Drawing Die


Our carbide tube drawing dies are widely used in many fields and are known for their abrasion resistance and durability. This tungsten carbide die can be in any customized shape, such as round, hexagon or square. A wide range of metals are used for drawing pipe, tubes and rods, such as steel and copper alloys. Tongyi Industry produces high quality and close tolerance carbide tube drawing dies that will ensure a long working life. It will maximize the number of pipes or tubes that can be drawn before this tungsten carbide die has to be replaced. Thus our customers do not have to purchase as many dies and reduce downtime for workers and machines that need new drawing dies.


22 type carbide tube drawing die is mainly used for drawing tubes, pipes or bars. Drawn materials for this type of tungsten carbide die include mild steel, stainless steel and high carbon steel as well as other steel alloys. It is also used to draw softer materials, such as aluminum and copper alloys.


1. Our carbide tube drawing dies are famous for their good wear resistance, excellent polishing and low friction coefficient. Compared with similar products, our tungsten carbide dies have excellent durability and long working life.
2. All kinds of drawing dies are available for your choice and fast delivery is promised. For those that are not in stock, we are able to manufacture in a short term.
3. We provide technical support for our carbide tube drawing dies. Clients can demand quotes or samples for our products.
4. Our company is able to manufacture tungsten carbide dies in both standard and custom configurations to meet clients’ exact requirements.

Parameters of Carbide Tube Drawing Die

Model D H Size Range of "d” h
22 20 13 2.8-5.7 1.5
30 18 6.7-11.5 2
45 24 12.5-23.5 3
60 30 24.5-33.5 3.5
80 35 34.5-47.5 6.5
90 40 49.0-52.0 6.5
100 40 55.0-57.0 6.5
120 45 59.0-67.0 6.5
130 50 69.0-77.0 6.5
140 50 79.0-88.0 6.5
150 50 89.0-97.0 10-20
160 50 97.0-106.0
165 50 107.0-111.0
170 50 112.0-116.0
180 50 117.0-126.0
185 55 127.0-128.0
210 60 137.0-144.0
225 60 152.0-155.0
230 60 156.0-159.0
260 60 176.0-180.0
270 65 201.0-205.0
290 75 217.0-220.0
Zhuzhou Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of tungsten carbide dies in China. Over the years, it has gained good fame in carbide fields. Its products include carbide tube drawing dies, tungsten carbide buttons, tungsten carbide bits, carbide anvils, carbide rods, carbide strips, etc. In addition to standard type products, we also provide custom service to meet clients’ specific requirements. Our carbide products are known for long durability, excellent wear resistance, good service and prompt delivery.
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