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S11 Type Carbide Wire Drawing Die

S11 Type Carbide Wire Drawing Die


Carbide wire drawing die is widely used for wire drawings. It is frequently applied in high heat and strong shock areas. Made from tungsten carbide, so it is also known as TC wire draw die. It is more cost effective than PCD dies, making it a preferred choice for wire drawings. S11 type is specially designed for drawing wires of a certain diameter. We also provide S12 type carbide draw dies.


S11 type carbide wire drawing die is mainly used for drawing ferrous wires. It is frequently utilized by wire drawing manufacturers for surface preparation of rods.


1. Our carbide draw dies are well known for good wear resistance, excellent polishing and low friction coefficient. Compared to similar products, they also feature excellent durability and long working life.
2. All kinds of carbide wire drawing dies are available for your choice and fast delivery is promised. For those that are not in stock, we are able to manufacture in a short term.
3. We provide technical support for our carbide draw dies. Clients can demand quotes or samples for our products.
4. Tongyi Industry is able to manufacture drawing dies in both standard and custom configurations to meet clients’ exact requirements.

Parameters of S11 Type Carbide Wire Drawing Die

D H Dimension of d a0
8 6 0.2-1.0 14
13 10 0.4-2.3 16
15 13 0.4-2.8 16
16 14 0.4-2.8 16
20 17 2.8-6.2 18
21.5 17 2.8-6.2 18
22 18 1.8-6.0 18

Established in 2002, Zhuzhou Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of carbide draw dies in China. With more than 10 years’ experience of manufacturing carbide products, we have gained good fame in our fields. Our products mainly cover carbide mining tools, carbide wire drawing dies, tungsten carbide bits, etc. Our company also provides custom service to meet clients’ specific requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
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